Fun at the "Beech"

July 9th, 2018

Hi All! 

I recently participated in a styled photo shoot organized by the lovely Enid Arvelo Photography at Beech Hill Barn in Pittston, Maine in June.  So many wonderful vendors all came together to create this magical and beautiful faux wedding complete with cake and and a horse. I had the pleasure of doing both hair and makeup for two lovely ladies. I had such a blast. The photos barely do it all justice. Not only was the lupine in peek bloom at the barn, but the weather was perfect. 

The looks: 

The first model had such beautiful hair and skin that her hair and makeup came together so easily. For hair, I did two rope braids on either side and combined it into a bun at the back. I added two hair pieces to bring it all together and left two long tendrils at each ear to give it a wispy, relaxed feel. Makeup was a simple and classic look focusing her eyes. I used IT Cosmetics "Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette". (All I can say about that kit is WOW!) I added two small individual lashes at the corner of each eye to really draw the eye up. I had so much fun working with this lovely model who came all the way from Massachusetts!

The second model was one of two. They came as a couple. He is in the military and they are transplants from Maryland. Newly married, they had lots of stories and pictures from their wedding and were a joy to work with. Her hair just loved to be braided and so I created two full braids on each side to make a sort of headband, brought the front into peak and gathered the back into a messy bun. I topped it all off with a tiara! The makeup was subtle and fresh. I focused a lot on contouring her high cheek bones and used a soft, darker NYX Cosmetics lipstick to show off her lips. What a fun look! 

Here is a list of all of the vendors that I had the honor of working with:

Photographer: Enid Arvelo Photography

Event Coordinator: Lynne Corrine & Co

Location: Beech Hill Barn

Calligrapher/stationary: Studio W Designs

MAKE UP/HAIR: Courtney Hopkins

Beer Truck: Fire and Company

Desserts: Mainely Macarons

Desserts: Cape Whoopies, Maine's Gourmet Whoopie Pie

Maine Limousine Service: Maine Limousine Service

Cake: Brown Dog Farm & Bakery

Model:@Jennie Ross

Flowers: Fiddleheads Flowers and Vintage Chic Gifts

One Stop Rental: One Stop Event Rentals

Decoration and rental: A Family Affair of Maine

Jewelry: M.J. Benson

Check out my Gallery for more amazing photos from the event!

Until next time...

Makeup by Courtney 

Friends, Family and Love

August 27th 2017

Hi All,

Another wedding has come and gone and what a beautiful one it was. I had the pleasure of working with the new Mrs. Emma Collins in Portland, ME in early August. She is a natural beauty and wanted a very subtle look. We planned in advance through a trial and, on the day, she looked beautiful! 

How did I get the look? 


I started off by priming her skin with Angle Veil from NYX Cosmetics  to make sure that the makeup remained smooth on her skin. 


To get a contoured, natural skin tone, I layered a NYX tinted moisturizer and as well as a foundation through NYX using a foundation brush from Jane IredaleI used a mineral foundation stick from NYX to highlight her cheek bones, the bridge of her nose, the top of her brow bones, the bow of her lips and the dimple in her chin. I also highlighted over the foundation stick using Jane Iredale's In Touch Cream Highlighter in "Complete" to make her features really stand out. I finished this step with "Bye Bye Pours from IT Cosmetics" applied with the Chisel Powder Brush from Jane Iredale all over the face.


For a wedding, pinks work really well as they look natural face to face, but also show up very well on camera. The term "blushing bride" should always come to mind when applying blush for a wedding. I used moonglow from Jane Iredale to contour her cheeks and used Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink from Jane Iredale as a blush. I layered a vibrant pink shade of NYX powedered blush on top of the Forever Pink. I blended using  IT Cosmetics "Bye Bye Pours" to make sure that the looked was seamless. 

Brows are absolutely one of the most important parts of any makeup look because they frame the face. Emma has a very fair complexion and therefore very light eyebrows. I first used a wax pencil in taupe from Sephora to fill in any empty spaces in the brows applied with with the Angle/Liner Brow Brush from Jane Iredale. I went on to use Anastasia's Beverly Hills Brow Kit (using the kit for blondes) to fill in the brows and really define them. I then used Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel to brush through the applied product and really shape her brows. I brushed out the excess brow gel using the Delux Spoolie brush from Jane Iredale.  


For eyes, I used a combination of matte browns and pinks eye shadows from NYX to make her blue eyes stand out. I also used an oyster white shade to highlight. I started by priming her lid with NYX lid primer and then layered the oyster white on the entire lid and up into the brow. I then applied the pink shade of shadow to the lid and up to the brow bone. In the crease, I applied the darker shade of brown and then applied the lighter shade of brown to the lid and lash line. I blended using IT Cosmetics "Bye Bye Pours" to make it seamless. I repeated the steps until I got the layered look I was looking for. I used Jane Iredale's In Touch Cream Highlighter in Complete to highlight in the center of the eye lid, the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. I used several different Jane Iredale Eye Brushes for this part of the look. 


Emma wanted to make sure her blue eyes stood out on her wedding day. During her trial, we attempted a full set of demi wisp lashes, but she felt that they were a little too much. On the day of her wedding, we decided to use a half lash for lashes which was perfect. I applied them with my fingers using a lot of glue to make sure they didn't come off. I let the glue get tacky before applying the lashes so they didn't slide off of her eyes. To blend, I used Maybelline Gel Liner applied with the Eye Liner Brow Brush from Jane Iredale across the inner corner of her lash line as the false lash didn't continue over her entire lash line. I used the same gel liner on her bottom lashes by lightly dusting it on with Jane Iredale's smudge brush


I first applied a tinted lip balm from Jane Iredale in "crush" and then applied a very small amount of Colourpop's Lip Stain in "November"  with the tip of my ring finger dotting as I went along. To finish, I used a very pale pink lip stick from NYX's Butter Lips Sticks collection applied with my finger tip as well. I added a little In Touch Cream Highlighter in "Complete" from Jane Iredale to the middle of her bottom lip to give her a pouty look. I also applied a little of the liquid foundation I used on her face to the rim of her lips to make sure the lip color didn't run.

Wrapping up:

I brushed the entire face again using "Bye Bye Pours" from IT Cosmetics to make sure that the look stayed matte throughout the evening. To set the entire look, I used Urban Decay's "All Nighter" setting spray. (Tip: I did use this spray to set every layer as I went along to make sure that the look lasted even longer).

All in all, I had a blast working with Emma. Her family and friends clearly love one another and it was an honor to be a part of her special day. Check out Emma's pictures in the Gallery section of my website! (I also had the pleasure of doing makeup for one of her bridesmaids (picture posted in the Gallery).

Hope this helps in your makeup adventures!

-Makeup by Courtney

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False Lashes and a girl’s night!

June 12, 2017

One of my closest friends recently had her bachelorette party in the greater Boston area. For a girl’s night, it’s always fun to dress up and take a few more risks with your makeup! Being a person who normally doesn’t wear a lot of eye makeup unless I am going out due to my contacts, I wanted to use the opportunity to finally try using false lashes. I usually triple layer my mascara and get my desired length, but I wanted to use lashes this time to really take my look to the next level.

The key to false lashes is practice, practice and more practice! I found that a lot of youtube videos (my favorite can be found here) can help if you are a beginner. For products, I used Ardell false lashes in faux mink because they are light weight and have a blended band. For glue, I used Callas Eye Lash Adhesive in clear. It isn’t too sticky and it comes with a brush so that you don’t have to use a tube and too much comes out at once. It is also latex free for those of you who are allergic to latex like me! As a liner, if you want to use one, I used Maybelline Gel Liner. (A word of caution on this product, a little goes a long way!)

I applied all of my shadows first and then curled my lashes. I added the glue to the lashes and put a little more on each edge to make sure that the ends didn’t come off mid-party. I used the steps in the youtube video above and applied the lashes. It took a few tries because I did have to trim them a little more. (With this particular brand of lashes, there is an added plastic tab at the narrower edge and you will want to make sure you trim that before applying or it will dig into your eye lid all night). I used the gel liner after the lashes were in place and did a thin liner and then a wing tip at the corner of my eye. I then curled my lashes again and applied a few layers of mascara to blend the lashes together.

The result was exactly what I wanted for a night out! Fun, flirty and playful. The length of the lashes was great and they really made my eyes pop. The gel liner helped to blend the band in with my lash line so I highly recommend some sort of liner, but it’s not a must. I got so many compliments on my lashes I will most certainly be using them again. I am doing the bride-to-be’s makeup for her wedding and she has requested false lashes, too!!

-Makeup by Courtney

Makeup by Courtney

Welcome to Makeup by Courtney

June 2nd, 2017

Welcome to Makeup by Courtney's blog. You can look here for makeup tips, personal testimonials and general skin health. I have found a passion in makeup artistry and it is a passion I love to share with others. 

As a person who has had a life long struggle with my skin and wondering which products were safe to use on my skin, I want to be able to share my experiences with you all and help in any way that I can.  I look forward to helping all of you feel more confident in the choices you make regarding not only your makeup, but your skin care routines and habits as well. 

Feel free to send any tips you have learned, information about products you love or just general questions you might have and I look forward to working with you in the future!

-Makeup by Courtney